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Electronics news

Fibocom promotes digitalization of terminals with customized PCBA solutions

PCBA is the core of electronic devices, combining industrial know-how and electronic component assembly, which is a key process for device manufacturers in the early stage of product development.

Fibocom, the world's leading provider of wireless solutions and wireless communication modules for the IoT (Internet of Things), announced the expansion of PCBA capabilities into smart payments, industrial handheld devices, connected AI cameras, commercial displays, intelligent service robotics, and more.

Smart payment terminals are highly integrated devices that have different external layouts and support multiple payment methods: contactless QR codes, card payments, etc. Fibocom offers a customized PCBA solution that provides reliable wireless communication for POS terminals and supports 720/1080P HD touchscreens with a powerful embedded processor.

Fibocom's PCBA solution supports 4G/5G global cellular roaming as well as Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/NFC for short distance communication. In addition, the high-performance graphics engine supports 4K/1080P video recording and playback, multi-camera input and output, infrared night vision, and H.264/H.265 decoding. Relying on the reliability and scalability of wearable devices, the PCBA solution also provides flexible choices of data storage and peripheral interfaces. The solution can be widely applied in inspection patrols, transportation, live broadcasting, etc.