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Electronics news

IPC has released IPC-6012F, a qualification and performance specification for rigid printed circuit boards

IPC has released a new document, IPC-6012F, a standard that establishes qualification and performance specifications for rigid printed circuit boards

- single-sided/double-sided with and without through holes (PTH);
- multilayer with or without PTH with or without hidden/blind holes/micro-holes;
- for integrated circuits with distribution capacitive planes and/or capacitive or resistive components;
- with or without metal core, with or without external metal thermal frame.

The IPC-6012F standard establishes extended requirements for PCB cavity, copper plating, solderability testing, dielectric spacing, etc.

"The work done by IPC's D-33a rigid PCB characterization group over the past three years has led to the revision of IPC-6012," said John Perry, IPC's director of PCB Standards and Technology. Perry also noted, "IPC-6012F includes test structures for evaluating complex chip reliability structures."