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Daylight is no obstacle for the FlightSense VL53L8CX multi-zone time-of-flight sensor from STMicro

STMicroelectronics has introduced the new VL53L8CX multi-zone time-of-flight (ToF) distance sensor.

Based on FlightSense technology, the VL53L8CX sensor provides distance accuracy up to 400 cm with a diagonal viewing angle of 65°. The VL53L8CX measures absolute distance regardless of target color or reflectivity. The VL53L8CX incorporates a powerful next-generation VCSEL and two advanced metasurface lenses. The versatile module enables a broader range of high-performance applications such as low-power system activation, gesture recognition, SLAM for robotics, liquid level monitoring and more.

The ST VL53L8CX ToF sensor features proprietary algorithms to detect and track multiple targets within a focal length with 64-zone depth measurement. The histograms provide cover glass crosstalk immunity at distances greater than 60 cm. The sensor supports SPI and I2C interfaces for high frame rate and short load times. The VCSEL in the VL53L8CX emits fully invisible 940-nm IR radiation and is certified Class 1 eye-safe.

The L53L8CX is available for order now on STMicro's website, with pricing starting at $8.91 for single units and dropping to $3.60 per unit for shipments of 1,000 units.