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Electronics news

Investment in Quilter: Revolutionizing PCB Design with AI

Printed circuit board design company Quilter announced it raised a $10 million investment on Tuesday.

They plan to use artificial intelligence to reduce design time for components that control electronics in rockets, computers, smartphones, and other devices.

The $10 million funding round was led by one of Silicon Valley's best-known venture capital firms, Benchmark. The company did not disclose the startup's valuation.

Quilter's software uses a form of artificial intelligence similar to the one Google used to beat a Chinese grandmaster in the ancient game of Go. Quilter's technology is getting better at PCB design over time, and the company plans to fully automate the process.

Fully automating PCB design will speed up the process from months to weeks or days. The PCB design market is approximately $40-50 billion dollars and will continue to grow significantly.

Benchmark has expressed interest in Quilter because of the rapid growth in the number of electronics in the world and the potential for artificial intelligence to fully automate the PCB design process. Eric Vishria, a partner at Benchmark, is expected to take a seat on Quilter's board of directors.