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Vela is IBM's low-cost, high-performance supercomputer in the cloud

IBM is building a powerful and affordable supercomputer in its cloud.

With this innovative technology, businesses can access advanced computing capabilities at an affordable price. In a world increasingly focused on AI, supercomputers have become indispensable tools for processing huge amounts of data and solving complex problems. However, until now, these expensive machines have only been available to large companies with significant financial resources. IBM decided to change this situation by developing a low-cost supercomputer for AI in its cloud.

The company has chosen specific components for Vela. This will allow clones of the machine to be deployed in any data center. Unlike traditional HPC machines, the supercomputer does not utilize the latest technologies from Nvidia or AMD.

The characteristics of the Vela supercomputer are as follows
1. Standard configuration of server nodes for efficient utilization of resources in the cloud. The nodes are equipped with 8 Nvidia A100 GPUs with 80 GB of HBM2e stacked memory and 2 Intel Cascade Lake processors with 24 cores each and 768 GB of RAM.
2. NVSwitch matrix integrated into the Nvidia HGX motherboard to allow the GPUs to share NUMA type memory. A PCI-Express switch connects each pair of GPUs to the CPU via a dual-port 100Gbps Ethernet network card.
3. Local storage in the node is provided by four 3.2TB NVM-Express flash disks for a total of 12.8TB.