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Electronics news

Great Scott Gadgets is finalizing the development of a radio tester (URTI)

Great Scott Gadgets, known for its popular HackRF One SDR device, is working with ARDC to develop the URT universal radio test instrument.

The device is intended to be a spectrum analyzer; vector network analyzer, vector generator and signal analyzer; power meter; antenna analyzer; time-frequency meter; and full-duplex SDR transceiver.

This project will develop two forms of device:
- A peripheral device without user interface;
- a portable handheld system with a user interface.

The project is already in development. Great Scott Gadgets is currently in the motherboard component selection and sub-circuit evaluation phase. The next steps are to distribute prototypes to developers to create software that allows the device to function as a USB peripheral. In addition, the plan is to develop software for the FPGA to begin implementing the DSP function.

Follow the project on the developer's website: https://greatscottgadgets.com/urti/