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Electronics news

Plate Recovery Services from Ventec Giga Solutions

Ventec Giga Solutions, the equipment division of Ventec International Group, is offering a new service for the remanufacturing of separator plates used in PCB lamination processes.

The service includes inspection of the plates and preparation of a detailed condition report with an estimate of rework and remanufacturing costs as agreed with the customer. Remanufacturing involves removing unwanted material and recreating the original surface.

The new service from Ventec Giga Solutions is available through a partnership with Cardel Group and German subsidiary VTT GmbH. Cardel and VTT are long-experienced manufacturers of separator plates for a variety of applications including printed circuit boards, smart cards and fuel cells. The company has more than 25 years of lamination wafer manufacturing experience, including development of advanced materials and coatings, as well as inspection and remanufacturing expertise.

Inspection and reporting is available for all plates supplied by Ventec Giga Solutions customers, including original Cardel/VTT plates. Remanufacturing is subject to inspection results and customer approval.

For more information on Ventec's new services and the company's wide range of products, visit www.venteclaminates.com.