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Kurtz Ersa's mobile MOBILE SCOPE system

MOBILE SCOPE is a manually operated system for the rapid examination of solder joints in a variety of electrical components, including ball grid array (BGA), μBGA, CSP and flip-chip devices.

Equipped with two quick-change lenses, the system offers 90° optics for BGA (with a clearance of about 280 µm) and 0° optics for macro photography.

MOBILE SCOPE features:
- built-in dimmable LED illumination;
- 5-megapixel color N-MOS camera with USB connection;
- LED fiber optic illumination complete with BGA optics.

MOBILE SCOPE comes with Kurtz Ersa ImageDoc v3 software (basic version), which extends the functions of the inspection system.

The scope of application of MOBILE SCOPE is:
- inspection of BGA, μBGA, CSP, FlipChip, CGA and THT through-hole connections;
- heel evaluation on QFP, SOIC and other devices;
- internal wetting length on PLCC and on J-terminated devices.

Ersa MOBILE SCOPE has set a new standard in optical inspection by offering a complete solution for efficient and accurate evaluation of solder joints.