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Silicon Labs and Arduino have developed the MGM240P board for the IoT

This article discusses the joint effort of Arduino and Silicon Labs in developing the MGM240P board for IoT. This board is designed to support Matter over Thread technology and can be used in smart homes, lighting, building automation and security.

Arduino is working with microcontroller supplier Silicon Labs on applications and boards that support Matter over Thread, a wireless technology that enables more reliable and efficient connectivity to smart home systems. The Silicon Labs and Arduino collaboration began with the first Matter software libraries, which are available today in the Silicon Labs xG24 Exploration Kit (Explorer Kit).

The versatile and feature-rich SparkFun Thing Plus board is designed for building Matter-based IoT devices. The board with two mounting holes has a compact 5.84 x 22.9 cm design that is compatible with the Thing Plus (Feather-compatible) form factor. The MGM240P is designed for a wide range of applications including:

- smart home devices;
- lighting;
- gateways and digital assistants;
- building automation and security.

The board features up to 1536 kB of flash memory, 256 kB of RAM, and 32 GPIOs (general purpose I/O interface) to provide the capacity and scalability needed for Matter.

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter (MGM240P) compatibility with multiple wireless protocols, Qwiic connectors, battery charging functionality and extensive resources from SparkFun and Silicon Labs enable developers to address a variety of IoT challenges.