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Electronics news

DC to 90 GHz connectors with alignment function

Samtec has released a line of vertical solderless connectors with compression mount and precision alignment features.

The new connectors, which operate from DC to 90 GHz, are suitable for use in high-frequency test and measurement applications.

Precision alignment functions, ensure maximum connector performance. Solderless launch (where the connector is pressed onto the PCB using mounting hardware) provides simple, field-replaceable, cost-effective mounting and eliminates the potential performance degradation typically seen with solder soldering.

"In high frequency test and measurement applications, compression connectors have become the connector of choice. Samtec has noticed that compression mounting can cause a slight misalignment between the connector and the landing pad, resulting in signal degradation. While this degradation is negligible at low frequencies, it can become problematic at high frequencies, but is very difficult to detect. It is observed even if the mounting screws are tightened to the proper torque," said Dan Birch, Global RF Engineering Manager at Samtec. "To prevent this problem, all Samtec RF products with vertical compression mounts include alignment features as standard."

For differential pair test and measurement applications, Samtec has launched a vertical GPPC series with a solderless mounting option -CMM. The new connector line includes both threaded and push-on interface types:

- 135 Series: 35 mm (90 GHz);
- Series 185: 85 mm (65 GHz);
- 240 Series: 2.40 mm (50 GHz);
- 292 Series: 92 mm (40 GHz);
- GPPC Series, optional -CMM: SMPM (65 GHz).