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Through Hole Technology (THT)

The growing popularity of through-hole technology (THT) can be attributed to several key factors

1. Reliability. The connection is achieved by soldering component leads through holes on the PCB.
2. Ease of repair. One of the most significant advantages of THT is the ease of replacing or repairing components.
3. Reliability for a variety of applications. As electronic devices have proliferated in applications ranging from consumer electronics to industrial equipment, THT reliability has become indispensable.
4. Durability. THT components tend to be more durable than surface mount counterparts, especially in high stress applications where mechanical strength and high power are a priority.
5. Simplicity and efficiency. Despite its simplicity, THT has proven its effectiveness. It has enabled strong electrical connections and mechanical stability that are critical to the performance and longevity of electronic devices.
6. A foundation for the PCB industry. The advent of THT was a milestone in the PCB industry.

Despite the development of surface mount technology (SMD) in the late 1980s, THT technology remains relevant, especially for axially oriented components and radial components that require mechanical strength.