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AI development boards using Renesas RA6M3 32-bit microcontrollers

Renesas has introduced new AI development boards for 32-bit RA-series microcontrollers.

The AIK-RA4E1 and AIK-RA6M3 offer multiple reconfigurable connectivity features. They accelerate the development of projects based on AI and machine learning.

The new boards feature a Renesas RA4E1 or RA6M3 microcontroller (MCU), Pmod ports, multiple interfaces and an integrated Segger J-Link debugger. They work with Renesas Reality AI Software.

The printed circuit board for both kits looks the same. However, the connection options are slightly different. The AIK-RA6M3 has 6 Pmod ports, while the AIK-RA4E1 has 3. Both boards support USB Full Speed and CAN. Since the RA4E1 lacks Ethernet, only the AIK-RA6M3 supports it.

Both kits are equipped with a Pmod module with a TDK ICM-42670-P six-axis IMU. The RA6M3 kit also includes a TFT display, camera and microphone. The optional AIK- RA6M3 hardware works with Renesas' Aizip Personal Access System (PAS) to add facial and voice recognition capabilities.

Both kits can be purchased from Renesas or distributors for $231.25.