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Electronics news

A luminous guitar strap with redesigned circuit boards

Adafruit's Circuit Playground Express (CPE) board used on the guitar strap includes a built-in microphone and can be programmed in CircuitPython.

The glowing guitar strap was designed by Jeremy Cook, an engineer who creates all sorts of gadgets.

First, the 10 addressable LEDs on the CPE board light up, and then signals the connected LEDs to complete the audio signal of the VU meter. The audiometer shows the audio input signal when a source is selected, even if the channel is not being recorded. If a channel is recording, the channel indicator located to the left of the audiometer lights green.

Although the circuit boards give the strap a nice cyberpunk style, the LED strips, rather than unused circuit boards, are actually much easier to get. If you want to try it yourself in a format that theoretically requires no soldering, Cook suggests looking at an easier-to-make version of this idea in the youtube.com/@jcoaudio video.