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MaixCAM - fast realization of artificial vision projects based on Sophgo SG2002

Embedded electronics company Sipeed has announced the beta launch of a universal development system designed for smart camera and computer vision projects built on the Sophgo SG2002 system-on-a-chip: Sipeed MaixCAM.

It is based on the Sophgo SG2002 chip-on-a-chip and is designed for smart camera and computer vision projects. MaixCAM comes with numerous embedded applications and can be used as a UART module compatible with the Python/C++ API.

The SG2002 chip includes four separate processor architectures, a tensor processing unit for machine learning and an Intel 8051 microcontroller core. The board also features an IPS display, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.4 BLE, USB 2.0 connector, GPIO and MIPI CSI for camera connectivity. Users can choose between the Lite version without the display or models with different types of sensors. The MaixCAM is available for order starting at $27.90. For more information on the MaixCAM board: https://wiki.sipeed.com/hardware/en/maixcam/index.html