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Electronics news

TE0950-03-EGBE21A PCB from Trenz Electronic

Trenz Electronic has developed the TE0950-03-EGBE21A evaluation board with AMD Versal AI Edge XCVE2302-1LSESFVA784 SoC FPGA, 8GB DDR4 SDRAM and 128MB SPI flash memory, microSD card slot, 32GB eMMC flash memory and EEPROM with MAC address.

The TE0950 board supports a range of VE series devices such as VE2002, VE2102, VE2202, VE2302 and VM1102, increasing its versatility. The power supply is 12V via a 2.1mm connector. Dimensions: 150mm x 120mm.

The TE0950 costs many times less than the VEK280 Evaluation Kit due to the difference in price of the Versal chip - $810 vs. $6995. There is a very large gap between the VE2302 and VEK280 specifications, but this is because the VE2302 is optimized for applications with limited power consumption and heat dissipation, while the VEK280 is optimized for maximum performance.

The TE0950 is currently available for order on the Trenz website.