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AI can decrypt your passwords

Arnaud de Backer, Manager at Keeper Security talked about how with the development of AI, it is important to be aware of its possible use for malicious purposes.

While AI password cracking techniques are not new, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and pose a serious threat to sensitive data. Fortunately, there is a password manager program that protects against AI password threats. A password manager automatically generates strong, unique passwords for each site, application or system you use, and then automatically and securely enters your login credentials.

Password cracking is an attempt to guess a password without the owner's permission. Cybercriminals use a variety of methods to pick passwords based on the victim's personal information, as well as modern algorithms that allow them to quickly check a wide range of combinations. Powerful CP programs and tools such as AI are used for this purpose. Once a password is successfully cracked, attackers gain access to sensitive accounts, data and systems.

Manager will effectively protect your information from AI attacks if you create strong passwords and use the auto-complete feature.