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COM-HPC Mini Module based on Intel Core 13th Generation technology

Kontron's COM-HPC Mini module COMh-m7RP (E2) based on 13th generation Intel Core processors combines performance with a miniaturized form factor.

With the ratification of the COM-HPC 1.2 specification for COM-HPC Mini, PICMG has increased the performance and scalability of the standard. The module has compact dimensions of 95 mm x 70 mm and a 400-pin high-speed connector to enable extensive I/O capabilities.

The COMh-m7RP (E2) supports all 13 generations of the Intel Core Raptor Lake family and offers high-performance graphics and video processing as well as I/O connectivity in a small form factor. The modules support up to 64 GB of memory, have two 10 GbE interfaces and support various industry features such as In-Band Error Correction Code, Time Coordinated Computing and Time Sensitive Networking.

The COMh-m7RP (E2) module is ideal for applications requiring high computing power in limited space.