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Radxa releases ROCK 5C, 5C Lite single board computers

Radxa has announced the release of two ROCK single board computers: the ROCK 5C and ROCK 5C Lite.

These boards are based on the Rockchip RK3588S2 or RK3582 system-on-a-chip and offer a number of advanced features and specifications, including 8k60 video output and a built-in NPU for machine learning.

The ROCK 5C has a similar form factor to the Raspberry Pi 4, but has only one full-size HDMI connector, unlike the Raspberry Pi, which has two micro-HDMI ports. It is based on the Rockchip RK3588S2 system-on-chip, featuring 4 Cortex-A76 and 4 Cortex-A55 processor cores, and an Arm Mali G610 MP4 GPU. Unlike the ROCK 5C, the ROCK 5C Lite uses the Rockchip RK3582 system-on-a-chip, which is missing some cores and GPU.

An interesting feature of both models is the built-in neural processing unit (NPU) for machine learning, providing high performance in data manipulation. Both boards support up to 32GB of memory, have an integrated eMMC slot and microSD slot for storage, and various ports and interfaces including HDMI 2.1, MIPI Display Serial Interface (DSI) and MIPI Camera Serial Interface (CSI). The ROCK 5C and ROCK 5C Lite also feature a gigabit Ethernet port and Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.4 wireless modules.