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PiFex board turns the Raspberry Pi into an affordable reverse-engineering tool

PiFex is a base board for the Raspberry Pi developed by Matthew Alt of VoidStar Security.

It is designed for reverse-engineering and hardware hacking. It was originally created for use in security training courses, but has quickly become a popular tool for initial hardware evaluation of COTS devices. The PiFex provides access to various interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C, JTAG, and Serial Wire Debug (SWD), and features 8 GPIO pins, a built-in OLED display, and a connector for connecting a logic analyzer.

An important aspect of the PiFex is the ability to convert logic levels, allowing the Raspberry Pi to interface with devices using different voltages. There are two built-in level switches on the board for this purpose. This simplifies the connection process and reduces problems when working with different devices.

An overview of the PiFex features is available on the VoidStar Security blog: https://voidstarsec.com/blog/jtag-pifex. The board can be purchased from the GumRoad store for $50: https://voidmalt.gumroad.com/l/pifex. It provides a wide range of features and simplifies the process of analyzing and hacking equipment.