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Electronics news

AOI i22X Desktop Automated Inspection System

Mek Marantz Electronics has released the Mek i22X series multi-functional desktop automated optical inspection (AOI) system designed for visual inspection of electronic components.

Equipped with a 5-megapixel camera and customizable lighting options, the i22X AOI system moves smoothly in three axes (four in the i22XDA-300 model) using a mouse. It excels at checking solder joints, components, polarity, presence/absence of labels, reading text, barcodes, digital IDs on parts, and identifying color differences.

With automated visual inspection, the system simplifies the inspection process while providing unrivaled accuracy. The i22X AOI pays attention to traceability by automatically recording and storing inspection results along with barcode information. The system works with components of various sizes. The inspection process can be tailored to specific needs thanks to customizable lighting options: DOAL, RGB, red side lighting.