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Electronics news

Cutting-edge innovations at Productronica 2023

ITW EAE will present the latest developments at Productronica 2023, taking place November 14-17 in Munich, Germany.

The ITW EAE booth will be manned by experts from MPM, Camalot, Electrovert and Vitronics Soltec, as well as sales and management staff ready to share their knowledge.

Edison printer with automated changeover of solder paste cartridges, auxiliary tooling, scrapers and stencils. The equipment is powered by the patented Edison II ACT (Automated Changeover Technology) designed with ease of use in mind.


Advanced Tilt and Rotate option on the Prodigy dispensing system. Innovative and patented feature reduces wetting area and improves capillary flow for underfill through precise dispensing. State-of-the-art flexible rotary actuators provide a fast, high-precision mechanism with zero backlash, allowing for proprietary movement and control, changing the position of the metering pump in increments of a few degrees in both axes the required number of times.


A heavy-duty finger conveyor designed to meet the increasing demands of PCB manufacturing for throughput and process flexibility.

Electrovert will also showcase its patented Auto Exit Wing system, which provides automatic adjustment of laminar wave flow to match the speed of the board. To fully optimize the laminar wave flow dynamics, the PCB speed must be equal to the solder flow rate through the exit wing weir.

Vitronics Soltec

New ZEVA selective soldering solutions with patented Brippdge Prevention Technology, which acts like a hot nitrogen knife to prevent bridging at small pitches of up to 1mm (40 mils) between pins. This design is only possible because of the design freedom afforded by 3D metal printing technology.

Vitronics Soltec will also introduce the new Centurion+ Reflow Oven. The Centurion+ is a robust upgrade to the Centurion model designed for heavy solder paste users, with unique features that minimize maintenance and keep the process chamber clean.

ITW EAE will also highlight its advances in Industry 4.0/MES interface solutions that will improve productivity, data capture and overall equipment efficiency.