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Technical solutions for PCB traceability

Several technical solutions are proposed for PCB traceability. One such solution is to apply a barcode to the PCB or packaging.

This allows for easy identification of the PCB. Another method of traceability is the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. This allows PCBs to be automatically tracked and identified.

Another method of traceability is the use of QR codes that can be printed on the PCB or its packaging. This allows various information such as the PCB serial number and date of manufacture to be added. Laser marking is also used for PCB traceability by etching identification data on a label or directly on the PCB or its components. Matrix codes are another method to fit more information in a smaller area than QR codes.

In addition, unique identifiers such as serial numbers or component numbers can be assigned to each PCB. This simplifies the control and identification of PCBs throughout the production and supply chain. The choice of a specific traceability method depends on industry requirements, PCB size and complexity, and available resources.