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Electronics news

SAKURA-II Accelerator with 60 TOPS Performance

EdgeCortix has introduced a next-generation gas pedal called SAKURA-II with up to 60 trillion operations per second (TOPS) performance at 8W power consumption.

The gas pedal is designed to provide energy-efficient computing for language models and generative artificial intelligence workloads.

SAKURA-II is available in two variants: an M.2 PCI Express module for space-constrained devices and a full-size PCI Express add-on card (AIB) for workstations and servers. The AIB with one or two SAKURA-II chips delivers up to 120 TOPS of performance per board.

The gas pedal is supported by EdgeCortix's MERA software stack, which provides support for a wide range of AI models, including convolutional neural networks such as ResNet 50/101 and YoloX, as well as transformer-based models such as DINO, GPT-2, Open-Llama2 and Llama 3.

The SAKURA-II Artificial Intelligence Accelerator can be ordered at prices ranging from $249 to $749.