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Electronics news

Nordic's power management IC goes into volume production

Nordic Semiconductor's recently released nPM1300 (PMIC) is now available for purchase through Nordic's distribution network. The nPM1300 is available today in a QFN package and will soon be available in a CSP package.

The nPM1300 is an application-specific power management IC (PMIC) designed for use on battery-powered devices. It combines two buck converters, two low-dropout (LDO) regulators, and on-chip battery charging on a single chip to reduce the number of discrete components required for the final product.

The nPM1300 PMIC utilizes the nRF Connect SDK and nRF Connect for Desktop for power management. The nRF Connect SDK now includes drivers to seamlessly interface with new and existing nRF Connect SDK-based applications. By connecting the power management circuitry to the nPM PowerUP application found in the nRF Connect for Desktop software, developers can configure nPM1300 settings using a graphical user interface (GUI). Once configured, the settings are transferred to the system-on-chip (SoC) or microcontroller used in the IoT application.

Nordic Semiconductor's nPM1300 is available for wholesale purchase.