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Signaloid's tiny development board is the size of a card

The C0-microSD FPGA from Cambridge-based Signaloid is a tiny development board with a unique interface.

It can be used on microSD breadboards for prototyping or integrated into new PCB designs. Moreover, users can even insert the Signaloid C0-microSD into existing platforms that support microSD cards.

The miniature board contains an iCE40UP5K FPGA, 128 Mbit of flash memory, 11 I/O signals and 2 LEDs on board. The LEDs are located near the top edge of the board, making them visible when installed in a socket. Six of the programmable I/Os are connected to the microSD interface. The other five are available as surface mount pads on the rear panel.

The board supports the same open-source toolkit as other iCE40-based designs. Because the device looks like a microSD card, you can use it with platforms such as single board computers (SBCs) or standalone microcontrollers (with SPI interface).

Signaloid also offers a development carrier board called the Signaloid SD-Dev. This 57 x 57 mm board contains a full-size micro-SD card slot, USB-C ports, micro HDMI and other connectors. For more information, visit the Signaloid C0-microSD FPGA development board page at Crowd Supply.