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Mounting pins for printed circuit boards

Mounting pins are cylindrical components made of hardened steel or other durable materials.

They provide additional fixation points for components to be mounted on a printed circuit board. The dowel pins provide secure attachment and protect against damage during assembly and operation. They allow assembly and disassembly of PCBs without damaging components and ensure precise alignment of components on the board. Mounting pins can also be used to create an electrical connection between PCB layers. Types of pins:

Setting pins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, each suitable for a specific application:

1. Straight pins have a uniform cylindrical shape throughout their length.
2. Step pins have one or more sections of different diameters, allowing them to be used when multiple surfaces are required for positioning or fixation.
3. grooved pins have grooved or grooved surfaces that provide additional gripping or locking capabilities when inserting into PCB holes.
4. Tapered pins are tapered to provide self-locking capability when inserted into appropriate tapered holes.