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Electronics news

Farnell expands its range of PCB mount switches

Farnell has expanded its range of switches for PCB mounting. It includes: microswitches, toggle switches, pushbuttons, rotary switches, SIP/DIP switches, joysticks, etc.

PCB mounted switches are compact and durable electronic components. They convert mechanical actions into electrical signals. Whether you're pressing a button on your favorite game console or changing settings on an industrial control panel, PCB-mounted switches change them into electrical signals in consumer electronics, automotive systems, industrial automation, medical components and gaming peripherals.

Keith Forbes, product segment manager at Farnell, said: "Our aim is to enable designers and engineers to turn their ideas into reality. We provide access to a wide range of premium switches." Customers can view the full range at Farnell stores in EMEA, Newark in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific.