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Electronics news

NEPCON China 2024 will be held from April 24 to 26

The NEPCON China exhibition of global suppliers of the latest PCBA products will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest electronics market trends and expert opinions, and help optimize the supply chain to save costs and improve competitiveness.

NEPCON China 2024 will be held from April 24 to 26, 2024 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. The scale of the exhibition is expected to exceed 60,000 square meters, with more than 800 enterprises and brands participating. They will present their expositions and hold more than 30 summit events. The exhibition will showcase the applied electronics manufacturing market and create ample opportunities for domestic and international business cooperation. At the same time, seminars will be held to discuss topics such as the development of the artificial intelligence and IoT industry.

NEPCON China 2024 will showcase: test and measurement equipment, dispensing and sputtering equipment, smart factories, semiconductor packaging and testing equipment, electronic components, etc. The event will include themed days such as ICPF Day, Automotive Electronics Day, EMS Day, etc. This is an opportunity for sourcing, procurement, technical exchange, exploring cooperation and training.

In addition, in order to enhance meetings between domestic and foreign electronics manufacturers, NEPCON China 2024 will focus on the electronics manufacturing market in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Mexico, India and other countries, and help global trade by organizing activities such as country days, factory tours and business meetings.

Visitor registration for NEPCON China 2024 is now open.