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How to create the best PCB terminal

PCB terminal manufacturing is a complex and multi-step process.

But there are tools that reduce the time and complexity of design. When designing PCBs, engineers face constraints: size, thermal performance, energy efficiency. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and increasing power requirements must also be considered.

With a PCB configurator such as the Weidmuller PCB Configurator, PCB terminals can be designed and assembled quickly and easily by selecting the right components and customizing them according to customer requirements.

OMNIMATE 4.0, terminal blocks with SNAP IN technology from Weidmuller provide flexibility and modularity in the design and configuration process. SNAP IN connection technology is fast, safe and reliable and enables a faster assembly process. In addition, previously the design process was step-by-step and required manual effort to obtain connectors and terminals from suppliers. Now, by using OMNIMATE 4.0 products, this process takes only a few minutes.