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Electronics news

New set of AI systems on Motorola devices with flexible displays

Motorola's devices with flexible displays allow users to upload or snap photos to create unique wallpapers to suit their style.

Lenovo (Motorola Mobility is a subsidiary of Lenovo) is developing a personal assistant for both smartphones and PCs. The basic AI model is personalized to the user and protects their privacy. It also has a knowledge base that adapts to patterns and usage conditions, with natural voice or text interaction.

MotoAI personal assistant for PCs and smartphones

MotoAI is an innovative approach to the latest trend in AI using large language models (LLMs). Users can interact with their MotoAI Personal Assistant by answering questions, composing messages, scheduling tasks, and more. While most LLMs run in the cloud, MotoAI can process data and perform tasks locally on the device, giving users increased data privacy. MotoAI also has an on-device knowledge base of user patterns and preferences, making the user's work more dynamic, personalized and useful over time.

Mobile document scanning

Recognizing the growing demand for real-time document scanning, Motorola introduced a conceptual model with artificial intelligence that extends the capabilities of the Doc Scanner integrated into Motorola camera systems. This innovation aims to improve the quality of the final image by minimizing creases and shadows on paper so that documents or images look as crisp and clear as possible.