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Electronics news

First 16:9 image sensor for IoT devices

Omnivision has launched a 5.2MP image sensor designed for notebook and Internet of Things devices with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

The OV05C10 is a low-power backside illumination (BSI) image sensor based on Omnivision's PureCel Plus technology. The sensor supports dual-exposure staggered HDR (high dynamic range) mode shooting at 5.2MP resolution and 60fps, which improves image quality. In addition, the sensor supports a dedicated ultra-low power mode for HPD (human body position detection) operation and longer battery life.

At 5.2MP resolution, the OV05C10 sensor has enough pixels to support the auto video cropping function. The camera automatically adjusts the field of view so that the person you are talking to is in the center of the image and distracting backgrounds are cropped out.

"Higher resolution, better image quality and richer AI functionality are especially important today as laptops are increasingly used for remote working and learning," said Danny Liu, Product Marketing Manager at Omnivision. "Our new OV05C10 supports a variety of AI functions, including HPD.

The OV05C10 is already in the trial phase and mass shipments will begin in February 2024.