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PCB Mounting DC/DC Converters

Taiwan-based Mean Well offers a wide range of conventional PCB mount DC/DC converters from 1W to 250W with various insulation levels.

These converters are already configured or not yet configured, can have a wide (2:1) or (4:1 or more) input range, and are available in both "through-hole" and SMD designs. There are also POL converters without galvanic dividers, ideal for applications requiring low output voltages.

High switching frequencies combined with the latest technology set the power bar very high, allowing even the most powerful modules to remain compact. To meet the needs of markets such as the armed forces, air and space transportation, railroads and the medical sector, the product range also includes dedicated lines to meet requirements and standards.

DC/DC Converters for PCB Mounting

Traco TEN PCB Series
- with or without galvanized baffle
- programmable or non-programmable
- low input range
- 2:1, 4:1 or more than 4:1 input range
- through hole or SMD type
- for industrial market
- for medical sector
- for railroads and public transportation
- for military, air and space applications
- molded or open design.