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Electronics news

Bittele Electronics expands Markham PCB assembly site

Bittele Electronics, which specializes in the assembly of small to medium volume printed circuit boards, said it is expanding its manufacturing site in Canada. The expansion is primarily aimed at increasing component inventory.

Ben Peng Yang, CEO of Bittele Electronics, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion, "We are committed to providing customers with quality service. By expanding the Markham plant, we are strengthening our ability to meet their needs quickly and accurately."

In addition to the warehouse expansion, Bittele Electronics is investing money in advanced technology. It recently purchased a new Soltec Wave Soldering Machine, which will be used for high-volume assembly of through-hole PCBs. This machine will complement the existing Ersa selective soldering machine and will be commissioned in the summer of 2024.

The expansion reflects Bittele Electronics' commitment to remain at the forefront of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Bittele Electronics has been in business since 2003, providing turnkey PCB assembly services. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with manufacturing facilities in China, the company offers cost-effective PCB assembly services including fabrication, component procurement and final assembly.