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Electronics news

Aper-Oculus board for open source high-speed camera development

The Aper-Oculus board from ApotheoTech LLC is based on Sony SLVS-EC, a high-speed interface standard that provides high-resolution video output to FPGAs.

Connectivity options include two MIPI connectors, USB 3.0, DisplayPort and SATA, to meet the diverse requirements of AI and robotics projects.

With its advanced interface, the Aper-Oculus board is ideal for high-speed, high-resolution image processing, making it an ideal choice for vision applications.

To extend the functionality of the Aper-Oculus, two FMC modules have been released:
1. CXP Dualis FMC unlocks the potential of high-speed real-time video transmission and visualization capabilities.
2. VincuLink FMC enables the connection of M.2 E-Key PCIe, RPi HAT and PMOD cards.

Aper-Oculus is the perfect tool for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Its robust design and versatile features make it ideal for AI, industrial automation and beyond.