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Electronics news

Wireless charging for the battlefield

Galvion and Quaze Technologies have developed the BATLCHRG wireless charging system for use on the battlefield.

The system utilizes a charging mat and receiver that provides fast and efficient power transfer and functions in a variety of environments, including wet and muddy conditions. It can connect to a variety of Galvion power and data sources.

Two battlefield scenarios demonstrated the wireless charging capabilities: in a vehicle and in a ready room. The system allows soldiers to charge batteries wirelessly, reducing the logistical burden. Quaze's surface power technology, based on magnetic resonance, allows multiple devices to be charged over a large area.

Galvion's CEO, Todd Stirtzinger, said he hopes to use wireless charging to expand energy delivery and management capabilities in the future. Galvion is a Quaze partner company and is headquartered in New Hampshire with multiple manufacturing facilities across the country.