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Electronics news

Optimizing costs when launching an electronic product

There are a number of challenges in launching an electronic product. One of the most important challenges is cost optimization.

1. Choosing surface mount technology (SMT) over through-hole technology (THT) for PCBs.
2. using the same components for similar needs in different products.
3. eliminating unnecessary functions not only reduces costs but also simplifies the manufacturing process. Optimizing the design to include only the necessary components significantly reduces the amount of materials.
4. Panelized PCB assembly. Allows multiple boards to be manufactured simultaneously, saving labor and machine time. For small or complex PCBs, it also reduces the chance of damage. Panel processing directly contributes to lower production costs.
5. Avoid components that may become scarce so that you don't face price spikes and problems finding replacements.
6. Designing for low power consumption allows the use of smaller and cheaper batteries or power supplies. This not only reduces manufacturing costs, but also results in a sleeker and more compact product.
7. Creating components that can be easily upgraded or replaced. Instead of designing a new model for each technological improvement, you simply upgrade the parts you need. This is an effective way to keep your product relevant in the rapidly evolving electronics market.
8. Choosing components that are more compact in size. Tiny parts take up less space on the PCB, which is great for sleek, compact designs.