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Electronics news

PVA Global offers Delta 6 robotic conformal coating dispensing and dispensing system

PVA Global, a world-class innovator of high-quality, repeatable conformal coating dispensing and dispensing systems, has introduced Delta 6, a state-of-the-art flexible robotic system for conformal coating and dispensing.

Delta 6 is designed for both in-line and batch operations. While retaining the basic characteristics of its predecessors, Delta 6 features a more compact size, increased rigidity of construction. The system features an on-board PC for program storage and utilizes the exclusive PathMaster programming environment, simplifying the programming process for increased efficiency.

The Delta 6 excels at applying protective films and liquid layers to PCBs, ensuring accuracy through a variety of technologies such as atomization, airless film, needle dispensing and jetting. The system applies a high-viscosity liquid around the perimeter of electronic circuits and then fills the area with a low-viscosity liquid to completely cover the components for optimal protection.

PVA's Delta 6 has set new standards for flexibility, accuracy and efficiency in conformal coating and dispensing systems.