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Electronics news

Kevin Santo Cappuccio's Jumperless Breadboard

Developer Maker Kevin Santo Cappuccio has perfected the magic of the Jumperless Breadboard, which, as the name implies, connects components to each other without a single jumper wire.

Cappuccio demonstrated the capabilities of the Jumperless Breadboard back in March 2023.

The new version of Jumperless features attractive RGB LEDs. The board significantly speeds up the reflashing process: a physical probe that allows connections to be reflashed on-the-fly, without the need to connect the device to a host computer. "The new Jumperless firmware (1.3.1) can scan the board very quickly (100 times per second) looking for the PWM (pulse width modulation) signal coming from the probe," explains Cappuccio. "Now you can just fumble for the connections you need, and Jumperless will turn them into real hardware connections. No computer is required.

"You don't even need to make a probe like I did - a piece of wire stuck into a GPIO (general purpose input/output pin) will do. Just connect the wire to GPIO 18 to act as a button."