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Electronics news

Cicor offers flexible printed circuit boards with ultra-high density interconnects (HDI)

Cicor Technologies has introduced the latest innovation in flexible printed circuit boards with a focus on ultra-high density interconnects (HDI) and low bend radii.

FPC Cicor offers flexible printed circuit boards with 1 to 8 layers. Utilizing 12.5 micron (0.5 mil) thick polyimide (PM) films and adhesive layers from 12.5 micron (0.5 mil) thick, the company's advanced manufacturing equipment produces printed circuit boards that are an integral part of modern electronics.

One of the key features of Cicor boards is the presence of miniature laser-drilled blind aisles that can be up to 30 µm (1.4 mil) in diameter, paving the way for stacked aisles and aisle-in-aisle structures. The versatility of Cicor boards extends to the ability to use foil for the cover layer, and all standard surface treatments can be applied to a variety of assembly methods. In addition, high-precision laser cutting of contours ensures optimal space utilization with radii as small as 0 µm, enabling unprecedented 3D miniaturization.

As the industry continues to demand more compact and efficient solutions, Cicor Technologies Ltd stands at the forefront, driving innovation and shaping the future of electronic design with flexible PCBs.