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Electronics news

IOT Growth in 2024

PCB manufacturers are looking for ways to meet the needs of the growing IoT market with smaller, more densely packed and flexible products.

In 2024, North America and Europe will turn to their most tried and tested strategy: innovation. Western PCB assemblers will find ways to reduce costs while maintaining high product quality and reliability, and regain greater market share.

ChatGPT, Midjourney, Grok, DALL-E, and TensorFlow are a few examples of incredible artificial intelligence tools that have gained widespread popularity. However, this is far from the last step in humanity's journey to discover and conquer AI.

In the future, artificial intelligence will be able to control everything from cities to healthcare to education. To achieve this, engineers and scientists will need the latest PCB manufacturing technologies. Advances in manufacturing technology and the materials used to make PCBs will enable AI to solve the problems of the future in 2024.