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Electronics news

Multi-radio networks are a new networking feature from Particle

Particle, a company specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced the launch of the M-Series Multi-Radio Network SoM with support for Wi-Fi, cellular, LoRaWAN and even satellite in a single device (NTN).

Particle is also releasing Muon, a development board that combines the M-SoM with a carrier board that provides general purpose I/O (GPIO) connectivity. It features a Qwiic/STEMMA QT connector and connectors for easy expansion. Particle plans to create "expansion boards" for the new form factor. A USB-C PD and screw block are provided for power, as well as a 3-pin JST and built-in LiPo charging. Muon can also be paired with Particle's customizable Monitor One gateway.

The M-SoM Multi-Radio System-on-Module is also available carrierless in a variety of configurations with the same M.2 form factor as previous Particle SoM models. Equipped with 200 MHz Arm Cortex-M3, 16 MB of flash, and 4.5 MB of RAM, the devices have enough power for Edge ML and other tasks before sending data over multiple networks. Built-in GNSS combined with cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi geolocation allow for location tracking.

Muon is available for pre-order at https://www.particle.io/ today, Wi-Fi/cellular/LoRaWAN Muon will ship next quarter, and a satellite-enabled version will be available in the third quarter.