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UHDI Forum at the PCB East show

PICTREE CITY, GA. The Association of Printed Circuit Board Designers has announced the inaugural UHDI & Substrates: Design to Package forum. The forum will be held on June 5, 2024 in conjunction with the PCB East show in Boxborough, MA.

Presentations include discussions on standards, electrohydrodynamic printing, direct imaging, a new mSAP (new PCB manufacturing method) process, a new replacement for ABF (Anjinomoto Build-Up Film) - the pioneering technology behind the modern computer brain, planning for new UHDI (Ultra High-Density Interconnect) manufacturing, and new materials for UHDI.

UHDI are specialized printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacturing techniques that allow a large number of components, tracks and micro-pins to be placed on a single board in a relatively small space.

Each presentation will be 30 minutes in length. The program will conclude with a panel discussion.

The forum will be chaired by Gene Weiner of Weiner International Associates. Vice-chairs are Peter Bigelow, president of FTG East, and Alun Morgan, technology ambassador for Ventec and president of the European Institute of the Printed Circuit Community (EIPC).