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Ersa MOBILE SCOPE optical inspection system

The Ersa MOBILE SCOPE is a compact hand-held handheld video microscope designed for inspection of solder joints and digital image registration and measurement.

The device demonstrates high flexibility and speed for manual inspection of BGA, µBGA, CSP, FlipChip, CGA and THT through-hole connections.

Technological features of the Ersa MOBILE SCOPE inspection system with two quick-change lenses (depending on equipment):

1. 90° BGA optics (280 µm resolution).
2. 0° macro zoom optics (wide angle for tilt-free operation).
3. Quick manual inspection of hidden solder joints.
4. Built-in LED backlight with adjustable brightness.
5. 5 megapixel color N-MOS camera with USB connector.
6. Optional LED fiber optic illumination complete with BGA optics.

Ersa ImageDoc v3 inspection software (basic version) is included. Construction: plastic, built-in lens with 3 mm field of view, built-in light controller (light generation in optics). Dimensions (DxWxH) mm: 114 x 36 x 51 (without cable), weight 210 gr.