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Electronics news

IMX992 5.32Mp sensor for industrial equipment

Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS) has released a 5.32Mp short-wave infrared (SWIR) image sensor for industrial equipment.

The IMX992 sensor utilizes SSS's proprietary Cu-Cu compound to provide a pixel size of 3.45µm. The pixel design is optimized for efficient light capture, enabling high-definition imaging across a wide spectrum, from visible to invisible shortwave infrared (wavelengths from 0.4 to 1.7 µm).

SSS will also release the IMX993 sensor with a 3.45µm pixel size, 3.21MP resolution to further expand its SWIR image sensor lineup. These new SWIR image sensors with large pixel count and high sensitivity will help contribute to the development of various industrial equipment.

SSS's SWIR image sensors, capable of producing seamless broad-spectrum images in the visible and invisible infrared with short wavelengths using a single camera, are already used in various processes such as wafer bonding, defect inspection, and contamination inspection in food production.