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FocusOn PCB 2024 is a PCB event that will take place May 15-16

On May 15-16, 2024, industry leaders and stakeholders will gather at the FocusOn PCB event at the Vicenza Exhibition Center in Vicenza, Italy.

Focus on PCB is an innovative event that will bring together PCB manufacturers and dealers, contractors, PCB material suppliers, service providers and tooling suppliers under one roof.

The event will feature numerous conferences and forums with industry leaders and experts. The event is aimed at technicians, R&D managers and buyers from industries where PCBs are used, such as medical, aerospace, military, automotive, rail, industrial, renewable energy, environmental systems, telecommunications, data communications, lighting, home appliances, home automation, air conditioning, refrigeration, vending machines and video surveillance.

Register and download your free admission ticket to FocusOn PCB 2024: https://rnmanager.vivaticket.com/registrazionefastfocus?o=PCB24&tipo=VISITOR&language=ENG&utm_source=PCBDirectory