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Electronics news

The importance of EMI, EMS and EMC in modern electronics

EMI, EMS and EMC play an indispensable role in the design, manufacture and operation of electronic devices and systems.

Engineers and manufacturers must adhere to strict standards to ensure that devices operate reliably and smoothly in a variety of electromagnetic environments.

Consumer electronics. In everyday gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and home appliances, EMC ensures that devices can operate without interfering with each other. For example, a cell phone emitting signals should not disrupt nearby speakers or a TV.

Industrial equipment. Industry relies heavily on equipment and machinery that operate in a complex electromagnetic environment. Maintaining electromagnetic compatibility is critical for industrial automation control systems and sensitive instrumentation to prevent costly downtime or safety hazards.

Healthcare and Automotive. In healthcare, EMC is vital for the proper functioning of medical devices such as MRI machines and pacemakers. Similarly, in automotive systems, EMC assurance is critical for vehicle safety and control systems.