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Electronics news

New DP3500 coater

Taiyo Circuit Automation has partnered with eXception PCB, a leading PCB manufacturer based in Tewkesbury, UK, to install a DP3500 DP3500 coater (for coating applications).

The DP3500 is a semi-automatic double-sided screen printer. It features the new Smart Print System, which delivers superior quality with minimal panel thickness, combined with a tool-less magnetic gripper system that rotates the panel during the printing process.

A new touch screen HMI, differential print pressure control system and sepvo drive are standard. eXception's DP3500 is combined with Taiyo America's PSR-4000, the world's leading solder mask system, allowing them to create a "Taiyo Zone" print room at eXception.

Taiyo Circuit Automation, Inc. - a subsidiary of Taiyo America, Inc. in 2020. Carson City, NC. They manufacture the world's best double-sided solder mask application and vertical drying equipment.

eXception PCB, founded in 1977 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, is a European PCB manufacturer. It specializes in the manufacture of standard multilayer, flexible, flex-rigid and high-density interconnects (HDI) for a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical, telecommunications, defense and automotive.