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Electronics news

Thailand International PCB and Electronics Manufacturing Exhibition

PCB and EME 2024 Thailand International PCB and Electronics Manufacturing Exhibition will be held at BITEC, Bangkok.

The exhibition will focus on 5 main topics including industrial automation, smart electronic manufacturing, smart optoelectronics and displays, battery power, energy storage, PCBs.

The inaugural event, organized by Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd. and THPCA - Thailand Printed Circuit Board Association, promises to be a game changer for the PCB industry in Asia and beyond. The exhibition will bring together the best experts in the field, showcasing the latest developments, trends and innovations in PCB manufacturing.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to network with the industry's elite, discover cutting-edge technologies and explore new business opportunities.

Thailand is considered the center of electronics manufacturing in Southeast Asia due to its favorable business environment and cost-effective workforce. Most companies have already decided to expand their manufacturing bases in Southeast Asia to cater to customer requirements, so it can well be expected that Thailand will become a central hub to ensure the integrity of the PCB supply chain.