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Why PCBs are hard to find

The three main factors that contribute to the difficulty in finding PCBs are

1. Design requirements

IoT devices, artificial intelligence-related hardware, and the growing demand for eco-friendly devices are presenting design challenges for electronics manufacturers. Printed circuit boards for such products require: flexibility, signal integrity, and environmental friendliness.
2. Supply chain disruption due to pandemic issues. In addition, increased demand for copper in 5G devices complicates PCB manufacturing.
3. Limited local suppliers. Difficulty in finding reliable local PCB suppliers.

Advantages in having reliable suppliers:
- mutually beneficial cooperation;
- low transportation costs;
- flexibility and efficiency.

Finding a reliable local PCB supplier saves time and money, but there is not always a wide selection. Even if local manufacturers have PCB assembly capabilities, chances are that the assembler will not have access to the right materials or equipment.