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OpenTitan launches world's first open source silicon project

CAMBRIDGE, UK 2024 LowRISC C.I.C., an open source hardware and software developer, has announced a historic milestone: the availability of the first commercially ready chip built on the OpenTitan open source platform.

The project was founded by Google. Since the project was handed over to the lowRISC organization, Western Digital, Seagate, Nuvoton Technology, Winbond, Rivos, zeroRISC and G+D Mobile Security have joined the development of the open source chip.

"I am incredibly proud of the partnership with OpenTitan for being able to create the world's first open source chip," said Dr. Gavin Ferris, CEO of lowRISC. "This is the culmination of the work of a vibrant and active community of contributors focused on the singular goal of accomplishing something that has never been done before: making open source silicon work like open source software. I'm grateful for the support and look forward to seeing what comes next."

Google launched the OpenTitan project with lowRISC and its partners in 2018 to create a fully transparent and secure silicon platform. It is the world's first secure open-source chip that can be used in server motherboards, network cards, consumer devices, routers, and Internet of Things devices to verify firmware and downloadable components.